Australia 2002




Get a better idea about the country Get a better idea about the country After some other Flying, Sydney, USA and Kiwi experiences its time to do some other stuff as in trying to get my diving license. And what better place in the world can one select than good old Australia with its Great Barrier Reef. Hence a trip to Australia was planned for 4 weeks. Also it provided me a chance to meet a number of friends who are living there so that was good fun. During this trip I also extended my flying hours a bit and this was great fun as seeing Melbourne and Sydney from the sky was really a great experience. Also along the south east coast did some amazing flying. Also got my first hours in a warrior.

The planned route is described in parts as it will probably change all the time so no points are set except the arrival in Sydney 9 September and the flight from Cairns to Melbourne on the 25 of September. And also the trip back from Sydney to Amsterdam on the 13 of October. On the way to Sydney it will be Amsterdam - Frankfurt - Singapore - Sydney. The way back it will be a bit different as I am going to be in the Asian pacific region also for my employer. Meaning it will be 13 Oct Sydney - Singapore (stay over) - Penang. And than on 21 Oct Penang - Singapore - Frankfurst (as we where out of fuell due to the fact we where not allowed to fly over Afganistan) - London - Amsterdam It will take more time but the total amount of sitting quietly will be less on the way to Sydney as I have some time to spend in both stops. Good to buy stuff...if needed and budget allows. Unfortunately on the way back the stopovers that I have are a bit annoying. To short in Singapore need to rush and to long in London ! But anyways this is toll one has to pay to get that far away for not too much.

I enjoyed seeing back the Sydney Harbour Bridge as it was a while ago again and also seeing the Opera House was a good thing to see again.

Pictures I made along the way can be viewed here.

On these pages I will make links to the pictures and reports I made during this trip. Keep on visiting so now and than and it might grow into another travel description. For now to get an idea visit the Queensland description page from a folder from Wereldcontact. This is also the organization I normally make my travel arrangements with and in general I am a happy customer there.

The total trip was roughly as follows:
07 Sept  Flying out to Sydney
09 Sept  Arrival in Sydney
         Visiting some old friends of mine
         Doing some flying over Sydney
         Driving up to Cairns
         I will pass Bundaberg (I believe rum is made here !) 
         Organize a diving training
25 Sept  Flight from Cairns to Melbourne
         Doing the trip on the Great Ocean Road
         Drive up to Sydney along the coast
         Doing some flying again over Sydney
07 Oct   Starting to work in our Sydney office
13 Oct   Flying to Singapore
14 Oct   Flying to Penang, Malaysia
15 Oct   Working from our Penang office
21 Oct   Flying back to Europe
22 Oct   Arrival in Amsterdam 

But most of all I had fun and relaxed on the way. I did not encouter that much other tourist along the way as it was outside the holiday period but I met some nice people on most locations

As mentioned a few activities where planned and as I have been on some places before seeing some things back are already giving me pleasure. One of the things I was looking forward to is diving and doing the Great Ocean Road trip again. As the last time I was there was a long time ago (about 12 years) I wonder if I still will recognize parts of this great trip.

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Just placed the first few pics on the site 03 December 2002. Just select this link. More pictures can be found here. There a quite a few so be patient.

A bit of Aussie language can be found here although many other words are available.